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Trust is fine – but control brings confidence.

We believe in TEAMWORK because we think your wishes and needs harmonize with our services.

What we can not do on our own is completed by the rest of the team. We have a powerful network consisting of qualified experts who progressing permanently through specialisation.

If optimized protection is our highest commandment then we are your reliable partner for the highest and professional security: From analysing your security situation up to realizing security concepts and urgent emergencies.

We offer for the sectors of industry, commerce, business and services, as well as for the private sector:

  • Assessment and development of security concepts
  • Weak point and risk analysis of local conditions
  • Crisis management
  • National and international investigation
  • Observation even in the private sector
  • Training for protective and behavioural measures in all risk sectors
  • Professional Bodyguard Service
  • Event Protection
  • Complete security concepts for transports even in the marine transport sector

Everything made for the trust by our clients, because…
security is a question of confidence!